DUI in Pennsylvania

What if I am Arrested for

Driving Under the Influence in Pennsylvania?

No Pennsylvania Driver is immune from the risk and reality of being pulled over while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and facing the difficult chain of events that will unfold.

Driving Under the Influence in Pennsylvania is a serious offense, with serious consequences, and requires a serious decision on what Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer to have on your side.

Quick Pennsylvania DUI Facts

In Pennsylvania, you will be charged with DUI if:

Your blood alcohol level (BAC) is proven to be over .08;

Drugs (legal or illegal) are found in your system; or

The Police Officer’s observations of you, if believed, prove you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol making you incapable of safe driving.

The Potential Penalties for a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania are:

(1) Jail time or a prison sentence, (2) License Suspension, (3) Heavy fines, (4) Court costs, (5) Ignition Interlock System, (6) Attending a driving class or substance abuse treatment program at your expense, (7) Increased auto insurance premiums, (8) A misdemeanor or felony on your permanent criminal record, (9) Trouble finding a job or qualifying for professional licenses, and (10) For students, disciplinary action from your college or university

How Can Paul S. Peters III, Esq. Help with my DUI Case?

First and Foremost, a competent and experienced Pennsylvania DUI Defense Lawyer should fully educate and explain to you what a DUI in Pennsylvania is, the process you will face if you qualify for any diversion programs, the penalties you may face, and how best to defend a DUI case.

The cornerstone of any relationship, most importantly, the Attorney and Client relationship, is for the parties to have clear, frequent, and trusted communication.  Paul S. Peters III, Esq. first ensures he completely and effectively Communicates with and Educates clients regarding the gravity of the situation, what to expect, and how he will help. 

Paul’s 5 Promises

  1. Paul S. Peters III, Esq. will clearly and calmly explain the court process you face in your Pennsylvania DUI Case.
  1. Paul S. Peters III, Esq. will explain what the District Attorney must prove in a Pennsylvania DUI case when it involves Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, or Prescription Drugs.
  1. Paul S. Peters III, Esq. will discuss your eligibility for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program and what the program includes.
  1. Paul S. Peters III, Esq. will explain the possible defenses you can raise in an effort to win your DUI case.
  1. You will leave Paul S. Peters III, Esq.’s office fully educated regarding DUI in Pennsylvania, having every question and concern addressed, as well as every rumor or falsity you have heard dispelled, and feeling completely confident that having the Aggressive, Trusted, Experienced, and Dedicated DUI Defense of Paul S. Peters III, Esq. is the BEST choice to achieve the BEST outcome possible for your DUI case.

If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI in Pennsylvania in MontgomeryPhiladelphia,               BucksDelawareChesterLehighLancasterNorthamptonBerks, County, it is vital that you contact the Aggressive, Experienced, Trusted, and Compassionate Pennsylvania DUI Defense Lawyer, Paul S. Peters III, Esq.

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