Attorney-Client Bankruptcy Interview

Required Documents/Information

Attorney Paul S. Peters III, Esquire offers FREE Bankruptcy Consultations via:

  1. In-Person Meeting;
  2. Video Conferencing (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc.); or
  3. Phone Conference

Whatever means of consultation is most convenient for You, his Client.

Prior to Your Consultation with Attorney Peters, it is important for You to gather and provide specific documentation, and information.  This will allow Attorney Peters to provide you the best quality Legal Advice.

Necessary Information and Documentation is as follows:

Credit Report(s)a credit report can be obtained for FREE by going to www.annualcreditreport.comYou can print the credit report or save it as a PDF file and email to Attorney Peters at

Proof of Income – provide 6 months of pay stubs and documentation of any other income (social security, unemployment compensation, pension, annuity, etc.) or a current Profit and Loss Statement is self-employed.  Even if you are filing alone, all household income must be disclosed and provided. 

Expense Statement – a list of all personal monthly household expenses; provide all expenses you can think of.  You can create this yourself or Attorney Peters can send you a form to complete and provide at the consultation.

Mortgage Balance Statement (if applicable)

Car Loan Statement (if applicable)

Bank Statements – provide 6 months of bank statements for all bank accounts your name is attached to.

Retirement and Investment Statements (if applicable)

Home Valuationyou can obtain this by going to or Attorney Peters can obtain this information for you.

Car Valuation – you can obtain this by going to and follow the instructions on obtaining your car(s) value.  Attorney Peters can obtain this information if you are unable.

Prior Two Years’ Tax Returns – to qualify for  Bankruptcy Relief, all tax returns due must be filed; the tax returns for the Two Years’ prior to filing bankruptcy must be provided to Attorney Peters and the Court.

Photo ID and Social Security Carda copy of these documents are needed for Attorney Peters’ file, and the originals must be presented to the Court at your Bankruptcy hearing.  If you do not have a Social Security Card, you can use a W-2 issued by an employer or a Medicare card bearing your SSN.  If you need to obtain a Social Security Card, visit for instructions on how to obtain a new Card

Gathering and Providing the above documentation and information for Your Bankruptcy Consultation with Attorney Paul S. Peters III, Esquire, will ensure the Consultation is productive, informative, and that Attorney Peters is able to provide You the Legal Advice you need and deserve.

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