Magisterial District Court 07-2-01 Judge Benz

Magisterial Court 07-2-01

Judge William J. Benz

Paul S. Peters III, Esq.

215-291-2944 ~

Bucks County, Pennsylvania 
Magisterial District Court 07-2-01

60 Township Road
Richboro, Pennsylvania 18954
(215) 322-0144

If you have been issued a summons to appear in Bucks County, Pennsylvania – Magisterial District Court 07-2-01 before Judge William J. Benz, there is important information you should first know.  Having the right lawyer to assist and accompany you in court will make all the difference in the outcome of your matter and how you are treated by the court.  Bucks County criminal defense attorney Paul S. Peters III, Esquire is a trusted and experienced attorney who is calm, collected, and confident under the pressures of the courtroom.  Retaining Paul S. Peters III, Esquire to advocate for you in court will bring you peace of mind and the partner you need in this battle.  Whether it is a traffic ticket in which you are facing points or a license suspension, a non-traffic citation for disorderly conduct, or a preliminary hearing for driving under the influence or a serious felony such as burglary, you will be in trusted and competent hands with Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney Paul S. Peters III, Esquire.


What is Magisterial District Court 07-2-01?

Located in Richboro, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Magisterial District Court 07-2-01 is one of many magisterial courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  There are 18 Magisterial District Courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Judge William J. Benz’ court handles matters arising in Northampton Township and Upper Southampton Township.

Why Must I Appear in Magisterial District Court 07-2-01?

If you are unsure as to exactly why you received a court summons, you are advised to first contact an attorney to have them review the citation and explain to you the specifics of your situation. More than likely, it will be indicated on the paperwork why you have been summoned, though if you are unsure or think there has been a mistake of some sort, contacting an attorney will bring you one step closer to resolution. Generally, people will receive a court summons to this Bucks County Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court when they have an arraignment, bail hearing, or preliminary hearing for a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge, a traffic citation such as speeding, a landlord-tenant matter, or a civil lawsuit involving a claim of $12,000.00 or less.

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Bucks Criminal Defense Attorney

Paul S. Peters III, Esquire is prepared to fight your charge and settle any uncertainty or confusion you may have about the situation.  Do not hesitate to contact Paul S. Peters III, Esquire immediately so he may begin reviewing your case and providing you the legal advice and representation you deserve and are entitled to. Paul S. Peters III, Esquire may be contacted at: